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微納世界大,和諧天地寬分享 http://www.1023u.com/u/張海霞 四世同堂,單純的幸福


張海霞︱MIT創新精靈:Deblina Sarkar

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Dear Prof. Zhang,


I am an assistant Professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (starting in July) and my work is at the interface of nanoelectronics and biology.


I plan to visit Peking University on 13th May and would love to meet with you, and discuss potential synergies.


Please let me know, if you are available.




TEDx talk: Could We Soon Augment Our Brains?


我認識不少MIT的教授,可是這個發信的Deblina我并不認識,不過點開她下面附的TEDx talk的鏈接,我一下子就興奮了:就是那個做超低功耗量子晶體管的姑娘啊!2015101日她發表在Nature上的文章(A subthermionic tunnel field-effect transistor with an atomically thin channel,doi:10.1038/nature15387)驚艷了世界,不知道她現在已經去MIT做助理教授了!另外,不知道她還得了這么多的獎:北美最佳博士論文Top3獲得者,美國Bright Mind Top 4科學家,印度35歲以下發明天才Top10NIH K99……這每一個獎都是青年人的驕傲啊!Deblina真的是來自印度的創新精靈!



I made a draft schedule for my visit on 13th which is given below. Please let me know if this works for everyone.

10.00-11: meet Prof. XX Dong and travel to Chemistry dept.

11.30-12.30: meet Prof. XX Zou and travel to electrical engg

12.30-1: meet Dr. XX Liu and Dr. XX Huang and visit Prof XX Kang’s group and IMEPKU labs

1-1.30: meet Prof XX Wang

1.30-2: meet Prof Haixia(Alice) Zhang

2-2.30: meet Prof. XX Li

2.30-3: meet Prof. XX Jiao

3-3.20: travel to MSE department

3.20-3.50: meet Prof. XX Cao

4-5: talk

5: discuss with MSE profs


Deblina, I will see you at your talk, donot be too rush for your visit.



Hi, Deblina!

Hi, you must be Alice, you looks much younger than photo on your website!

What a nice girl!




結束以后,我帶她去參觀了校園,一起晚餐,也聊得不亦樂乎,才知道她其實只吃了一個big breakfast!有老師問她:你這個緊張到分鐘安排的日程是不是太趕了?她說,我在MIT面試的時候一天不停地跟不同的教授們談話十多個小時呢!一直都是這么干的!一點沒錯,就她這次來中國的幾天來看,她在北大清華上交等學校訪問都是這個緊張的節奏,全程高速運轉!這個小個子的印度姑娘,真的讓人刮目相看和敬佩!


今天,Deblina發來郵件,她在MIT Media lab剛剛創建的NCB研究組正在火熱超募和同學加盟,這么好的機會,你還不快點行動還在等啥呢?!


最具創新活力的MIT-NCB Lab火熱招募天才加盟!

Research Openings in Wireless Sensing, Magnetics and Nanoelectronics at MIT

(Deadline for grad student application: Dec 1st)

MIT著名的創新實驗室Media Lab的青年天才科學家--Deblina Sarkar教授(北美最佳博士論文Top3獲得者,美國Bright Mind Top 4科學家,印度35歲以下發明天才Top10)正在火熱招募新學生和博士后,在納米-生物-控制論等領域開展跨界探索,歡迎有志于在跨界開展顛覆性創新的同學們抓緊時間申請!


Multiple positions available for students interested in MS/PhD as well as postdoc position in the new Nano-Cybernetic Biotrek (NCB) (http://www.mit.edu/~profsarkar/) research lab at MIT. NCB aims to fuse nanoelectronics, applied physics, and biology with two major research directions:

  • Develop novel nanoelectronic devices (such as Quantum Devices, Spintronics, Neuromorphic) employing ingenious device physics and smart nano-materials for achieving extreme energy efficiency and scalability;

  • merge such next generation technologies with living-matter creating unique nanomachine-bio hybrid systems, with remote control and wireless communication abilities to achieve unprecedented possibilities for probing/sensing and modulating (for therapeutics) our brain and body.


  1. OPENINGS FOR GRAD STUDENTS (deadline Dec 1st)

NCB is seeking students with strong background in either of the following:

  • Electromagnetism, Antennae, RFID, wireless sensing, RF engineering, magnetic resonance

  • magnetic materials and devices, magnetics, Spintronics

  • Nanoelectronics, Electronic devices, solid state physics, electronic circuits, Neuromorphic devices


For applying follow the 2 steps:
- Email
deblina@mit.edu using this FORMAT
- Submit an application to
MIT Media Lab by December 1st
(Note: IELTS can be taken after the application deadline and can be waived in certain cases)

More details about the openings can be found at http://www.mit.edu/~profsarkar/positionsavailable.html


NCB has opening for postdoc in wireless sensing of chemical and biological signals. The postdoc will conduct research to design and develop wireless sensing technologies, transmitter/receiver systems, RF circuit, implantable and wearable antennae for diverse applications in wireless energy harvesting, sensing, magnetic resonance imaging and biomedical applications. Strong background in electromagnetism, antenna design and RF engineering is required.


For applying Email deblina@mit.edu using this FORMAT

More details about the openings can be found at http://www.mit.edu/~profsarkar/positionsavailable.html


Prof. Deblina Sarkar is a trans-disciplinary innovator, initially trained in electrical engineering and physics and then, has traversed the realm of biology, driven by curiosity and belief that truly disruptive technologies can immerge at the interface of diverse research arenas. Her inventions include, among others, a 6-atom thick channel quantum-mechanical transistor overcoming fundamental power limitations, an ultra-sensitive label-free biosensor and technology for nanoscale deciphering of biological building blocks of brain. Her PhD dissertation was honored as one of the top 3 dissertations throughout USA and Canada in the field of Mathematics, Physical sciences and all departments of Engineering. She is the recipient of numerous other awards and recognitions, including the Lancaster Award, Technology Review’s one of the Top 10 Innovators Under 35 from India, NIH K99 Pathway to Independence Award.



7 劉全慧 鄭永軍 賀玖成 強濤 邱趖 王安良 李劍超

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